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How To Break Through The Indian Restaurant Menu?

Indian food is known as one of the world’s top cuisines. It embraces spicy curries, oven-baked tandoori and rich masalas offering a kind of taste as diverse as the sub-continent itself. If you feel a mouth-watering concord to Indian food but can’t come up with the menu in the restaurant, follow these simple steps to break through the last barrier to world-class cuisine.

1. Check Out The Starters
Samosas, chaat and pankora are several common foods found as appetizers on Indian menus. Samosa is a flavourful fried pastry that is stuffed with things like cheese, minced meats and vegetables. The Indian chaat is really famous and it is simply a small savoury snack. Most Indian restaurants in Barcelona have their own speciality on chaat, so ask the waiter what their specialty is for an appetizing savory snack. Pankora are tasty pieces of cubed meat, cheese and vegetables deep fried and served in a way that is similar to fritters.

2. Check Out The Breads
An array of fine breads is one of the most luscious parts of Indian eating. You have likely notice the word “roti,” which is simply a Hindi word for bread. Look at some other electives such as naan, kulcha and poori. Naan is one of the delicious and most traditional of Indian breads. It is prepared with soft, yeasted round bread having fluffy, absorptive texture that is used to sop up curries. On the other hand, poori is deep fried and crispy and is best on its own engulfed with some sweet and spicy sauce.

3. Learn About Tandoori
Tandoor forms a dominant part of Indian cooking. Often, tandoori dishes have other labels such as “tikka,” which simply refers to the preparation of the meat such as cubed and skewered. Fish, chicken, beef and even some vegetable dishes can be prepared in the tandoori oven for an earthy and healthy flavour.

4. Get To The Main Courses And Curries
Curries are often associated with the term “masala,” which simply refers to a range of different types of herbs, spices, and curries blended together and added to water to make a sauce. Moreover, achar is a light meat dish made with tomato, onion and spiced pickles to cook beef or chicken.

5. Indulge In Condiments And Sweets
Chutney is a basic Indian essential that is used to flavour the food and cool the fiery spices of the curries. Chutney can be prepared with the help of fruits, vegetables and even spices like coriander and mint. Other sweet flavours on an Indian menu include the lassi, which is a sweet fruit and yogurt drink that will also help ease the spice. In desert, you can try kheer, a light and sweet rice pudding, or kulfee, which is an Indian sort of homemade ice cream that is made from condensed milk.

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Food Meets Science and Technology at Dhaba by Claridges

RAW Food, Natures Healthy Diet

The RAW food diet is a relative newcomer, and there are many ideas on the subject. I do not profess to have all the answers, I am not a doctor, nor a nutritionist. Some proponents say it is the healthiest way to live, and cite many wonderful side effects, such as weight loss and clear skin.

Written by: Chris Rawstern

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/food-meets-science-technology-dhaba-claridges-1375420.html

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Gwang Yang BBQ is Best Traditional BBQ in Korea Town Los Angles

The Best Birthday Cupcakes for All Occasions

During birthdays, mommies could not forget buying the most delicious cakes in town. It seems birthdays are not that meaningful if cakes are absent. In fact in big birthday celebrations the cakes are large and you can see amazing designs depending on the budget of the person who ordered the cake.

Written by: Wayne Nusbaum

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/gwang-yang-bbq-best-traditional-bbq-korea-town-los-angles-1373075.html

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Eat in Warung Pak Bagong Bangli

Lets now try to eat in another famous stall in Bali. Located in Bangli regency, the name is Pak Bagong Stall. This stall is located in the parking area of Pura Dalem Pingit, Banjar Kawan region, Kawan village, Bangli Regency, about 50 kilometers northeast of Denpasar. The special menu here is tilapia fish called “nyatnyat” .Warung Pak Bagong offers special menu from Kintamani farming. The fish here flavored by Nyatnyat makes the tongue can taste the freshness of the Bali spices. Every day, this simple stall is always filled with buyers who want to try delights nyatnyat menu. Pak Bagong stall is open from eight in the morning until eight at night. Visitors crowded at lunch hour and afternoon.

This fish that live in fresh water can be processed into various types of dishes with different flavors, with fried or burned. There are three types of dishes on the menu : Fried, grilled and Nyatnyat tilapia. Fish dish here all cultivated in the Lake Batur, Kintamani, Bangli.

To make this nyatnyat dish, we need some kind of spices such as onion, garlic, red pepper, pecans, and a combination of several types of spices called “base genep” (complete seasoning). All kinds of spices is then pulverized with added flavorings such as salt and lime.

The fish selected here is medium and fresh that was imported directly from the Batur, Kintamani. Before frying, the fish soaked with water containing garlic, coriander, lime juice, and salt for ten minutes so that the fish does not smell fishy. The fish that had been marinated and then fried in hot cooking oil. The same was done on herbs that have been pulverized.

Fried tilapia and spices that have been fried and then cooked again, they are put together in the frying pan. Tilapia and spices cooked in a frying pan until the water becomes “nyatnyat” or discharged, so the flavors infused into the inside of the tilapia fish meat. With the fresh tilapia fish ingredients that imported directly from the mountainous area of Kintamani, every day this restaurant can sell an average of 75 servings of this special menu.

The menu served with rice, “sambal matah”- a Balinese sauce, “Sambal Cobek” – another Balinese sauce, plecing kale (kale vegetable with special sauce), as well as a bowl of soup beans, and squash. “Sambal Matah” used here including sliced eggplant and kecombrang flowers.

Because cooked so complicated, This menu taste very refreshing. The fish did not smell the soil. You also easier to separate the meat and the spines because the special menu is fried first then boiled.

After tasting Nyatnyat tilapia, you do not have to worry about dry throat. To bidders after eating fish, Warung Pak Bagong have specials drink , called loloh. This is actually the traditional beverage from community Penglipuran, Bangli.

The raw material of loloh is a mixture like betel leaves, cinnamon, dapdap, leaf spacing, and kecencem (similar to kedondong). Leaves finely crushed, and mixed with coconut water. To add a sweet taste, used palm sugar. Moreover the taste is spicy, sour, salty, to sweet. Very nice drink !

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/eat-warung-pak-bagong-bangli-bali-1372472.html

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Jewel in Jaipur Sanjay Omelette

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, a state of deserts, is a world in itself. Watch Live TV Rajasthan and you’d know that this city enjoys all kind of seasons, from 54 degree Celsius to 3 degree as well, from dry and arid climate to flood like situation as well. With the climate varying greatly, the city which was earlier known to bring tourists flooding into the city is now known for tourists all round the year.

News in Rajasthan live informs that Jaipur has now developed to suit the needs and requirements of tourists from all across the world. The city has always been known for the best of tourism accommodation, with luxurious hotels and palaces available … tourists come thronging to visit the royal heritage and the beautiful palaces all over the city. So why not food?

Well, yes, Jaipur offers the best of foods as well, be it street food or food in restaurants, or food in some of the most happening pubs of the city.

Of all, street food is something that many of us Indians hardly can avoid. Live TV channel in Rajasthan have many a times noticed many tourists from abroad enjoying the spiciest food in Jaipur. When in Jaipur, there are several places where one can as a visitor go to enjoy the road-side food, which might not be considered much hygienic, but with the taste that it comes with, people hardly care for hygiene. There’s chowpati right in front of Birla Temple, there’s a Jawahar Circle where pav bhaji, soda, bhelpuri, can be well enjoyed, there’s GT in Malviya Nagar where street Chinese food in their Indianized version can be enjoyed, among many others. Though, there’s one which is exclusive to Jaipur. An eatery, cuisines of which are unavailable anywhere else. Sanjay Omelette. Here’s a quick go through.

Rajasthan TV channel available online as well visited Sanjay Omlette, a tiny eatery in the very heart of Jaipur, Bapu Nagar. There are no prizes to guess this is the favourite place to have any egg dish, be it a regular omelette or an exotic cream of egg soup or the funny sounding baap bete ki bhurji or a chef’s special egg thali or yet another Bapp numbari beta dus numbari or probably you might like some international cuisines like Obama omelette. The menu itself is mouth watering!

It is owned by Sanjay Sharma who holds the talent of creating most dishes of eggs. Of date, Mr. Sharma has already introduced and phased out more than 100 cuisines of eggs in his menu, with at least 30 being a constant feature. He also has the talent to think of crazy, freaky, funny names for the dishes. No wonder Sanjay Sharma’s name has also been included in India Book of Records Day in the year 2012 as per the information by Rajasthan live news channels across the state. For sure, Sanjay Omelette Centre is one wonder of Jaipur that should be introduced to all the tourists.

Sanjay Sharma, the owner, is also the head chef here. The outlet was started in the year 1984 with mere hawker. Having grown since, Mr. Sanjay has some visitor friendly rules. Live TV in Rajasthan shows that the recipes although are always a secret, hygiene is one thing that has been well maintained here.

Well, so small is the that restaurant hardly has a place to seat all the people who visit the eatery, so the team hired by Sanjay Sharma is more of a takeaway omelette palace, who deliver your order to your car with smiles on their faces. The ever gleeful staff … the aroma of the delicacies being prepared every 5 minutes … it all make you crave for an immediate service, you might not be able to hold yourself for a few seconds after placing the order.

News Rajasthan live on various channels dedicated to the state informs this egg-lovers’ hub is a small shop, where there are 5-10 people working, some preparing the dishes, while the others deliver your orders to your cars. The seating area is available on the first floor, though hardly do people go sit upstairs as whenever you try to find a place to sit and then order, you end up waiting in a long queue. The ambience of the seating area is minimal, has clean and rustic wooden tables and chairs.

The staff is always friendly and smiling, it’s something in their smiles other than the taste at Sanjay Omelette that keeps drawing you back. The waiting time post your order is too short considering the total number of visitors.

We agree with Rajasthan news live which says that low price is what adds on to the experience, though one wouldn’t mind paying higher. First look at the menu and it might look a bit pricey, however, once look at one portion size and the price seems way too low!

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/jewel-jaipur-sanjay-omelette-1365105.html

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Check Out Lip Smacking Indian Dishes!

If You Are Visiting Miami, Florida, Check Out These Awesome Cuban Restaurants!

If you are traveling to Miami, you will want to check out some of the best restaurants in Miami. From South Beach to Coral Gables, Florida, you will find elegant steak houses to casual burger joints. What ever your in the mood for, you will have no problem finding an awesome place to eat.

Written by: Margie Chavez

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/check-out-lip-smacking-indian-dishes-1363035.html

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From the Chef’s Kitchen!

The Chef’s Private Dining Room

Eating in a fine restaurant should be an experience that delights all the senses. Enjoying the beautiful d├ęcor, a relaxing ambience, the accommodating servers and the tasty concoctions may all combine to create the perfect dining experience.

Written by: Tom Gilmour

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/chefs-kitchen-1360084.html

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Enjoy Indian Cuisine in Popular Restaurants of Wollongong

Taste Awadhi Cuisines Galouti Kabab at Indian Restaurant

Enjoy yummy dinner or lunch at Indian restaurant serving different kinds of recipes such as Awadhi cuisines, bhuna murgh recipes, galouti kabab recipes etc that are very offered at very base cost. The home delivery services is outstanding, you can experience with it.

Written by: Kalpendra Chaudhary

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/enjoy-indian-cuisine-popular-restaurants-wollongong-1355809.html

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Best Halal food

Most of the Muslim population consumes the food because this food is the most acceptable non- vegetarian food in the community of the Muslims. Do you want taste the best chicken burger? Now you can have the most delicious Halal burgers because these burgers are made in accordance with the guidelines given under the Islam.

Before we move further first of all know what is Halal? This term means actions permissible under the Islamic law. Well the term is actually considerable to the food which are very much consumable according to the Islamic law, similarly Kashrut denotes what type of food a member of jewish faith is allowed to eat.

Nowadays you will find good varieties of different food available in the market such as Halal Lamb, Halal beef cuts, sliced meat, Kebabs, sliced meat in case you want to choose from the same. The reason why such dishes are so much popular in the Muslim community because they are made with so much care while keeping all the important guidelines in mind given under the Islam. Rest you can be assured that you can consume great quality of the food.

Though you can purchase Halal burgers or related food from any retail shop with in your locality, moreover the online retailers are also getting famous day by day. Sometimes you can get different types of Halal food here. Make your day by having tasty burgers, kebabs and polonies. When you want to have something really different then you can choose to make a purchase and also taste the pies, samosa, rools and gelatin. The best means to enjoy the food is to make it by yourself. You can buy frozen Meat and make tasty Halal burgers while sitting at home. You will find different frozen Halal butchers UK which serves great quality of the Halal meat online.

On the basis of the latest scientific study one thing has been noticed that the food actually works as an excellent stress buster. Availability of the food online actually made very easy for the Muslims or other community people to enjoy some great food just by sitting at home.

Among the different food, the most famous is the Halal burger because of their good taste as well as freshness they have. If you want to buy the food online then you will have to do a little bit of research on the internet because there are so many Halal butcher in UK and it will be very difficult for you to choose the right one. But there will be few reputed names that offers crumbed products, sliced meats, burgers, kebabs, franks, sausages, burgers, marinated products, kofts balls, samosas, rolls, lamb cuts, chicken cuts etc. at reasonable charges. Then what are you waiting for? It’s the time to enjoy some of the greatest food by ordering while sitting within the comfort of your home. Latest Halal food choices can make your day with your family and friends definitely yummy.

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/best-halal-food-1354283.html

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Online User Review Sites

Why Do People Prefer To Buy Cheesecake Online?

Hats off to technological advancements, people in distant locales can now buy cheesecake online and savor the goodness of fresh baked cheesecakes.

Written by: Priya Ghai

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/online-user-review-sites-1348504.html

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