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Halal Meat and Halal Butchers, UK

Cut Prep Time By Using The Right Food Slicer

There are two kitchen gadgets which professional chef’s use at home because as pro’s, they know just how much time and effort is saved. If you do a lot of cooking for family and friends, take some tips from the experts, and if you’re a future Masterchef contestant, you really should read on!

Written by: Meggy Harley

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/halal-meat-halal-butchers-uk-sneak-peak-1324664.html

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Reasons of Popularity of Indian Food Worldwide

Pros of Ordering Food Online

Although it can be a real thrill to be seated at a restaurant enjoying some of your favourite dishes, there may be times when you just don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your own home to eat your favourite meal.

Written by: Ishan Goradiya

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/reasons-popularity-indian-food-worldwide-1316836.html

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Catering Services from Geethanjali Cave Restaurant

Imagine, you are organizing a social gathering, or a well-attended event at work, what will be your numero uno concern with regards to the big day? Catering of course, and if you have that sorted- the quality of food being served is the next big concern. Catering services in Bangalore are famous for being totally unappetizing (pun intended) and unprofessional when it comes to the quality of the service, and the food served on the table. What then, is your recourse?

Thank god for Alexander Graham Bell, and his invention called the telephone. Just call Geethanjali Cave Restaurant, one of the premier veg/non veg restaurants in Bangalore, that is equally renowned for its catering services, and order from a range of mouth-watering Andhra styled delicacies. On D-day, people will compliment you lavishly for your connoisseur’s choice in food. Indeed, if the food is good, the outcome of any event is bound to be spectacular.

Aside from the sumptuous food, Geethanjali employs a team of expert coordinators and waiters, who are professionally trained to shine in all situations. It does take a tremendous effort to be marked as one of the best restaurants in Bangalore.

Have a big event coming up, and need a reliable, the cream of the catering services in Bangalore? Look no further. Geethanjali Cave Restaurant will bring forth its signature quality and efficiency, in the opulent quantities as specified by you, and completely satisfy the most discerning appetites. Rest assured- the assembled people will compliment you highly on your fine taste in food.

From Weddings to Christening ceremonies, religious events to casual family gettogethers, if awesome food is what you want, Geethanjali is where you will find it. The quality of the food preparation matches the homely, delicious and nostalgic feel that complements any event that brings together family and friends. And while you enjoy your time among your dear ones, Geethanjali’s band of servers will ensure that everyone is satisfactorily fed.

What better way to build the right spirit at your workplace, than feeding your employees the most spirited food EVER? At Geethanjali Cave Restaurant, orders for daily corporate lunches, corporate parties and meetings, seminars etc are undertaken. The in-house trained catering team is proficient at working with the typical business setup and fulfill your requirement for quality and quantity, under a strict deadline. At Geethanjali, feeding the hungry official masses comes off as a natural trait- thus earning it the tag of being one of the best catering services in Bangalore.

Where great food is concerned- adoration is an obvious outcome. As one of the leading Andhra restaurants in Bangalore, Geethanjali Cave Restaurant is extending its commitment towards quality food to those who haven’t savored this gorgeous Andhra food at its well-appointed restaurant, through its catering services. From a well-loved restaurant, to one of the most preferred catering services in Bangalore, Geethanjali’s journey has been spicy, sweet, with a fair bit of awesomeness.

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/catering-services-geethanjali-cave-restaurant-great-food-service-served-pride-1313336.html

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The Benefits of Using Dominos Promo Codes

Acai Berry Juice – A Brief Introduction To This Powerful Berry

Have you heard about the famous acai berry juice? For sure, you have been bombarded with emails, pop-up ads, and articles about the benefits a person can get from acai berry. There are even some who have claimed that they did lose some weight using this remarkable product.

Written by: Walter James Hart

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/benefits-using-dominos-promo-codes-1312944.html

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Tips for a Healthful Lifestyle 90 Days By JustForFood.co.uk

Each week, follow these simple tips for a healthy lifestyle and create new healthy habits to reduce the risk of getting sick from some chronic diseases and also start to live healthier and more fun life.

Plus, learn how some small changes can help you to lose your belly fats.

Remember, you do not need to stop doing some things, simply you have to replace them!

90DaysPlan for a Healthier Life

Practical tips to change some things in your lifestyle to start a healthier living

  • Instead of using elevator, use the stairs.
  • At lunch break, instead one large meal, eat 1 small and balanced meal, and from time to time eat some healthy snacks.
  • Replace sweets with some healthy desserts like fruit salad, fruits in black chocolate, dates fruit, fruit yogurt etc…
  • When you are on picnic, instead of sitting all day on the blanket, throw a Frisbee or play some game with a ball.

How to start?

Specify the date when you will start with your 8-week plan.

Write the date and stick to it.

Set yourself short term and long term goals.

Instead to set an unclear goal, for example, “I will be healthy”, try to set a specify goal, for example, “On my way home from work, instead to use public transportation to my home, I will get out one stop / station earlier from home, and will walk the rest of the way.”

When you’ll reach some goal, reward yourself.

Not with food, but reward with a new piece of clothing, a massage, or something else that you like it.

Short-term goals include:

  • Instead of parking the car in the parking that is near to your workplace, park the car further away and walk 10 minutes to your workplace three days a week.
  • Instead of a sweet snack in the afternoon, eat a handful of not salted nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dried fruit or berries with seeds.

Long-term goals may include:

  • Instead of driving to work, walk or replace the car with bike.
  • Instead of cooking fatty foods, try to cook and eat some healthy foods like fish (sushi, salmon etc..), chicken, rice, pasta, potatoes vegetables.
  • Check the local newspaper or library for that which activities are available in the community, for example, groups for walking in the park or for riding bike, running, playing tennis for fun or dance classes. Try something new!
  • Think about your eating habits. What you would immediately change to start with healthy eating?
    1. For example, can you replace soft drinks with water or juices?
    2. Replace the toasted muesli with not toasted natural muesli?
    3. Replace fat dairy products with low fat dairy products?
    4. Replace French fries with a baked potato and salad?

Good habits include:

  • Instead of eating unnecessary snacks, drink a cup of tea.
  • Instead of “starvation diet”, think of “healthy diet”.
  • Instead of white bread, eat rye bread which is much healthier.
  • Instead to shop unplanned food grocery, before shopping make a list with healthy foods grocery, then go and buy it.

Do not give up before you notice an improvement

Be patient and persistent! If you can create a habit, it will be easier.

Also, tell your friends and your family that you are making some changes that lead you to a healthy life and ask them to support you.

Plan activities

  • Keep a record of your daily movement in this plan for activities. You should have a goal to be physically active with moderate intensity.
  • Do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. If you have enough free time, you should regularly dealt with physical activity to be in better condition and also to be more healthy.
  • Remember that you can be physically active for 30 minutes (or more) throughout the day by combining with a few shorter physical sessions that will last about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Write down whenever you use the stairs instead of the elevator or when you use a bicycle instead of a car.
    Record your progress.
    How do you feel when you finished your physical activity?

Plan for your meals

Do you eat according to plan?

If you plan your meals, it will be easier to stick to healthy food choices. Use this tips to plan your week meals that will include a variety of nutritious foods.

Also, you can write down what truly ate to keep track how things go. Note what you could replace or reduce.

Note: Usually, weight loss is not recommended during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, seriously recommend you to consult with a doctor before starting any weight loss program.

When it comes to your diet, some simple changes may affect a lot:

  • Replace the large cup of coffee that is made with whole milk, with a small cup of coffee made with low-fat milk.
  • Replace the creamy dressed Caesar salad with a vegetable salad with balsamic vinegar.
  • Replace a large piece of chocolate with a small piece of dark chocolate.

Shopping list

Dairy, Meat Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Drinks, Sweets etc…

Dairy Products

  • Replace saturated fat milk with low fat milk.
  • When you are cooking, instead of butter, use little monounsaturated or polyunsaturated vegetable oil.
  • Replace creamy pasta sauces that have taste like cheese, with tomato sauces and spices.
  • Replace high fat yogurt with low fat natural yogurt, and add a fruit of your choice.


  • Replace the sausages and the usual minced meat with lean meat or chicken meat.
  • Sometimes replace red meat with fish, chicken or grains.
  • Replace the large portion of meat, with smaller portion that will have more additional vegetables.
  • Replace the pizza full of meat with a vegetarian pizza with less cheese.


  • Replace the canned fruit syrup with natural juices.
  • When you are cooking, replace the coconut cream with condensed low-fat milk with coconut extract.
  • Replace processed fruit snacks with fresh fruit.


  • Replace potato chips with a small handful of rice crackers.
  • Replace French fries with baked potatoes and fresh salad.
  • Replace fried vegetables with vegetables cooked on steam or roasted vegetables.


  • Instead of cereals with high sugar concentration and low concentration of fiber, you should eat for breakfast cereals rich in fiber.
  • Replace white bread with bread rye bread.
  • Replace granola or toasted muesli with natural muesli.


  • Replace your usual non-alcoholic drink with water.
  • Replace the processed fruit juice with fresh fruits or water.
  • Replace soft drinks with mineral water seasoned with squeezed lemon or orange juice sweets
  • Replace biscuits with fruits or fruit yogurt.
  • Replace a handful of candy with a handful of nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dried fruit or grainy fruit without seeds.
  • Replace the usual serving of ice cream, with a serving of low fat fruit yogurt with frozen grainy fruit without seeds.

Other Products

  • Replace the fried fast food with cooked or fresh food.
  • After a meal if you are still hungry eat fresh salad.
  • Replace the butter with low fat margarine.

-We all know- life is hard,

-but you should never give up,

-however it’s difficult,

-you must stay strong,

-it’s the same with food,

-when you don’t care for,

-the fat is accruing day by day,

-you must change something in your lifestyle,

-and to believe in yourself


Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/tips-healthful-lifestyle-90-days-justforfood-co-uk-1305829.html

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Scruby’s BBQ

Planning Your Restaurant’s Successful Grand Opening is Critical, Says Restaurant Expert

A grand opening, regardless of when you schedule it, is critical to the opening of a restaurant. But it is only worth the trouble if it is memorable. Cannon says, “It’s called a grand opening for a reason. Make it a grand experience.

Written by: Howard A Cannon

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/scrubys-bbq-finest-bbq-restaurant-davie-1306016.html

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Yonkers Burritos

No More Dry Chicken!

After years of cooking chicken, the only way I liked chicken if it was smothered in a sauce or the French way like Coq au Feu or Coq au Vin, braised in wine, but grilled…. always came out as dry as a turkey left-overs without mayonnaise. Until now, a whole chicken grilled the Mexican way!

Written by: Chef Yvonne Stephens

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/yonkers-burritos-mouthwatering-mexican-dish-1304075.html

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The Different Options that Vegan Restaurants Las Vegas Provide

Special Occasion – Why Not A Gift Basket Of Wines

Wine is very popular over most of the traditional beverages, and it has proven to be a splendid idea to give someone a personalized gift basket of wine. Now, not everyone has taken on board the health benefits that wines offer especially when taken with a meal.

Written by: Noel J Ireland

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/different-options-vegan-restaurants-las-vegas-provide-1302842.html

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Quality, Hospitality & Ambience meet at the Geethanjali Cave Restaurant

Detox Recipe’s

December, Christmas and New Year have been and gone, and while January is the time when most people think of starting their resolutions, eating healthily, doing more exercise, getting more sleep and reading more, many psychology experts disagree.

Written by: Rubel Zaman

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/quality-hospitality-ambience-meet-geethanjali-cave-restaurant-1303374.html

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Frozen Yogurt Smoothies Cathedral Consists of Seasonal and Organic Fruits

Food Allergy in Children

The most common foods that can cause food allergies are: cow milk, soy products, egg whites, flour, honey, shellfish, nuts and peanuts, citrus, tomatoes, yeast, berries and chocolate, fruits with small seeds (strawberries, raspberries).

Written by: Jery Beggins

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/frozen-yogurt-smoothies-cathedral-consists-seasonal-organic-fruits-1301381.html

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