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5 Best Places to Eat in Wimberley Texas

Wimberley, Texas is a beautiful little town perfect for a weekend getaway or even a short day trip. There are plenty of quaint shops where you can purchase one of a kind crafts, several gorgeous outdoor areas for hiking and camping, and more than enough great restaurants to keep your taste buds happy for your entire trip.

Here’s five of the best little places to eat in Wimberley, Texas that you definitely don’t want to miss.

1) The Leaning Pear

The Leaning Pear is a restaurant offer hill country inspired cuisine that won’t weigh you down. Their menu boasts many tasty soups, salads and sandwiches. This is a great little place to pop in for brunch or lunch to start off an afternoon of strolling and sight-seeing.

2) Marco’s Italian Restaurant Pizzeria

Who doesn’t love pizza? Better yet, who doesn’t love handmade, fresh pizza? But pizza is only one of many fantastic Italian dishes you’ll find at Marco’s. At this little mom-and-pop Italian diner you’ll find lovingly crafted calzones, tomato soup, tortellini, and more.

3) Miss Mae’s BBQ

It’s hard for any Texan to pass up good BBQ, especially BBQ as good as you’ll find at Miss Mae’s. Miss Mae’s serves up all the classics you know and expect from any decent Texas BBQ joint: ribs, sausage, brisket, everything you love. But to call Miss Mae’s just “decent” is an insult. This BBQ is something you’ll never forget.

4) Wimberley Cafe

If good, old fashioned American diner fare is what you crave, then you’ve hit the jackpot at the Wimberley Cafe. Burgers, fries, chicken fried steak, and mashed potatoes. Man, it doesn’t get much better than that. They also offer up several tasty salads for those who might be watching their waistline.

5) Kate’s Place

Kate’s Place is a wonderful place to enjoy some light and refreshing brunch dishes such as soups and sandwiches. Their quaint little farmhouse-like cafe offers a cozy atmosphere and a comfy dining experience. Try out their patio with a glass of fresh wine or beer and you’ll never want to leave.

In short, there are plenty of good places to eat in Wimberley, Texas and we’ve only scratched the surface here. The next time you’re thinking about taking a relaxing trip through the Texas Hill Country, seriously consider the charming little town of Wimberley!

Article source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/food-drinks-articles/restaurant-reviews-articles/5-best-places-eat-wimberley-texas-450537.html

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